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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page?
It is a page where you can find answers to commonly asked questions.
Who is HOT?
HOT is a guild that was started in Ultima Online many years ago. We have grown in size and have around 75-100 members.
What games does HOT play in?
The HOT guild mostly plays Ultima Online.
What Ultima Online shard does HOT play on?
Atlantic Shard
Who leads HOT?
Visit our Council Page for more information on who leads HOT guild.
How can I contact a HOT member or someone in charge?
Visit our Contact Form for more information on contacting the HOT guild.
Can I join HOT?
Visit our Recruitment Page for more information on joining the HOT guild.
Where is the HOT guildhouse?
The HOT guildhouse is located on the Felucca facet of the Atlantic shard
at coordinates 78o 34'N 21o 18'E.
My question was not answered in this FAQ!
Use the Contact Form to ask your question. Questions will be added to this FAQ as they come up.

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