Read This Before Posting an Application

Start a topic if you wish to apply for membership. Serious applications only. Any Joke applications will result in banishment from the forum.
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Post Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:28 pm

Welcome to the HOT Recruitment Board. Here you can submit an application for joining the HOT Guild. This forum is completely private, only you and HOT members can see your application. If you wish to submit an application please copy and paste questions 1-11 in a new topic and answer all of the following questions:

1) Your main character name (the one you play the most)
2) All your alternative character names [yes, all of them]
3) How long have you been playing UO
4) What guilds have you been in and what guild are you currently in, if any [once again, list all previous guilds]
5) Main method of contact: ICQ, email, etc.
6) What days of the week and hours do you usually play
7) How long have you been playing on Atlantic?
8) Whom of HOT's members have you had interactions with?
9) Who is your HOT sponsor. Now Required, You Must have a Sponsor to Apply that's been guilded in Hot/Heat for at least 90 days.
10) What state you live in...
11) Why would you make a good addition to the HOT Guild

Please check back regularly as there may be questions posted to your application for you to answer. If your application review is complete then there will be an acceptance or denial reply at the end.

Please note it is a requirement that you use Ventrilo and UO Cartographer when pvping and spawning.

Addendum: Please note it is now a requirement that you have a mic and you must speak in vent.
Jennifer, GM of Hot
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