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Beldin Blightaxe has Gone Missing!

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:02 pm
by Link
Have You Seen Beldin the Dwarf? He is the former governor of Minoc.

Long beard. Blue armor. Barely taller than a Mongbat.

He, along with his dwarvern brethren, were noticeably absent from yesterday's governor meeting. There was no representative from the city of Minoc at the meeting. The other city governors recall last seeing him weeks ago. A search of Minoc and the surrounding mountains turned up nothing.

If you see any Dwarf, first ask if they are in fact Beldin Blightaxe. If it is not Beldin, then ask where he can be found. If the suspect claims to not know the location of Beldin, be sure to apprehend them because they must be lying.

If you have any information about a Humanist's plot to get back at Beldin for kicking them out of Minoc, please send it our way!