[Event] Castle Ivester reveiled - Feb 14th at 9pm EST

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Post Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:25 pm

A herald dropped off a scroll this morning of an upcoming event...
Ladies, Gentelmens, Orcs, Slaves, and Goblins,

It is my pleasure to announce that on valentines weekend (12-14 2016) . The first floor of my 5 floor rares museum will be revealed to the public for a special weekend viewing. The castle of Ivester which is located in fellucia will be showing off over 150 rares and em items all for public viewing. A more detailed map and true location will be posted latter. This reveal will either be on great frozen tundra of ice island or the warmth of the sun located on the main lands by the coast of cove.

If you are one of the many great trammel players of Sosoria I have recruited and hired 5 of the best red guards in all the lands for your protection. These 5 red guards will be tagged with the Ivester Coat of Arms. They will eliminate all theft and pking. All 5 red guards were former x navy seals in the britaina army and all had received silver and gold stars of honor in the infamous shadowlord wars. I have so much confidence in each of the these 5 great red guards that I have placed upon each one of their inventories a heirloom from my massive collection valued at over 500m each (with out insurance) . Moon gates will be posted at the bank of Luna and the Bank of Britiania. More details with more concrete information will be released to the public on feb 1st in the year of our great lord blackthorn!!!!!! May he reign forever!!!!!!

Captain Dasha has given to me 20 pieces of old relics and prized possessions that she has claimed from her former battles and slaves to be released one upon every hour that the hour glass turns in the moon of the day wich the doors of castle Ivester is open.

Also take home candy and goodie bags will be bestowed up all guests of the reveal of level 1 castle ivester.

For more details please soulsend me @ 567457598
It continues further....
Attention all in the range of my voice!!!!

a plot has been discovered to kill the Queen of Castle Ivester. Poison brewed from the chemists of Lord Brittish’s reign were discovered in the servant’s quarters of the Queen of Castle Ivester. Appropriate measures were taken and all involved have lost their heads and a new reign of quarter marshals have prevailed in Castle of Ivester.

For such precautionary measures set forth from the Quarter Marshals. Our Queen shall not be attending this grand event in fear for her life and Lord Ivester’s unborn son. A new decadences as been bestowed upon the common folk of Britiania.

In the place of the Queen, Our great Lord Ivester has decided to take on 5 female companions in the Queen’s absence on his glorious day. So If you are of 2nd or 3rd generation of nobility or bastardised by the blood of a 2nd or 3rd generation noble. Then you are eligible to accompany the King of Castle Ivester on this grandness day.

5 rules for 5 lucky females of the land of Britannia.

1 . you must not look upon or gaze upon the Lord Ivester on his glorious day.

2. you must follow your grace in a single file line. If you step out of this line you shall lose your first born child to the wars that still posses the lost lands.

3. You shall never address your lord unless though are spoken too.

4. All that happens at castle Ivester must stays at Castle Ivester a vow of secrecy is bestowed upon you if you are one of the lucky ones to accompany his grace on his day.

5. The most important rule of them all in the event of an attack you must protect your king at all costs. If you fall protecting your king be blessed to know that 20 chickens and 2 cows shall be given to your family for your bravery.

All female parties of interest please soulsend your Highness @ 567457598

As the voice of the King I hereby declare and give fair warning that any attempt to ruin the day of the viewing of Castle Ivester set forth as of Febuary 14th 9 pm in the year of 2016 of the great reign of King Blackthorn. All shall be Punished by death!!! This is the day for Lord Ivester to be prevailed in history as one of the great collectors of relics and treasures of the many relms of Sosoria.

Castle Ivester will not tolerate any thievery, Murderers, or unrightous people on their lands. any attempts to try and commit one of these acts shall be delt with by the wraith of the 5 great guards!!!!! This is your warning!!! Do Not Tread on Castle Ivester !!!!!!!
Further information may become available here: http://stratics.com/threads/castle-ives ... pm.362831/
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Post Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:59 pm

I have received word that this event has been postponed. =[

Will update when a new event date becomes available.
UOGuide - Must be a good website if Stratics wants to copy it!

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