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~~ Tournament of Posting Champions Results ~~
posted by Link on Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:31 am

I hope everyone had a bit of fun for this April Fools. Some of you really got into it! I had the idea for several weeks to do a parody of the Tournament of Champions. But I never got around to working on it. Literally threw it together in 3 hours with 400 lines of code on Friday night. It is amazing how well it worked out in the end.

Scoring Design
Here is how the scoring worked.
  • None of the option buttons mattered, they literally did nothing
  • Your message was scored based on the number of unique letters in it. So the longer your message, the better chance you had to score more points.
  • Your message was worth up to a maximum of 26 points (for 26 letters in the alphabet)
  • A random number between 1 and 45 was added to your score (so you could win with even a 1 letter post potentially)
  • To "win" a duel you needed to beat 32 score. Originally it was 45, but I realized quickly you guys wrote really short posts so basically had no chance to win.
  • If you lost a duel you earned one point to your cumulative score.
  • If you won a duel you got your message points added to your score.
  • If you lost a duel your message points were added to your opponent's score.
All in all, it worked out really well for something put together on the fly in a couple hours.

Final Rankings
The top 3 will get special titles to indicate how great they are at posting.

1) Cetric
2) Happy Rage
3) Nobuddy
4) Kiser
5) Link
6) SoulWeaver
7) RockStaR
8) Rabbit
9) CousinLitt
10) Blazing InfernO
11) taquanda
12) Google [Bot]
13) PwnySlaystation
14) Beowulf
15) Aeyko
16) Llewen
17) Rafman
18) Nis
19) Google Adsense [Bot]
20) Lord Nabin
21) Majestic-12 [Bot]
22) Jennifer
23) Bane321
24) Sweet I am
25) boadisafa
26) Atlantic Realtor
27) Whistler
28) Zarcon
29) Epilepsy
30) Nails Warstein
31) Onishfu
32) Tester12
33) Cutter
34) Scott
35) Emily_the_Tamer
36) Captn Norrington
37) apocalypse
38) Orionx
39) Mat Bomberdille
40) Carter730
41) fai
42) socress
43) de LEET ed
44) KoNvIct
45) Neverquitz
46) Exabot [Bot]
47) Great General
48) -Josh-
49) Yahoo [Bot]
50) IceCastUO
51) Flutter
52) Lebanese Disease
53) Squatch
54) nikfire
55) brianna
56) Jupiter
57) Paithan
58) Pulsar
59) Elvenbladesinger
60) Canyon
61) Solor Wroscan
62) Sillygoose
63) Bw-LLTS
64) Mr Mini Van
65) Crunch
66) rightnearthebeach
67) Deep Balls
68) Cady
69) AdAm
70) lanman507
71) Ngraskel-
72) nexed
73) Calamity-VIP
74) Forsaken
75) Prime
76) KiMarhi Scrible
77) DannyDan
78) The_Dude
79) Hey Arnold
80) Virem
81) Mr Kyrite
82) Captain Rookie
83) MiaKoda
84) psbot [Picsearch]
85) SMALL [UA]

Always never not stop posting.

More Test Center Updates - White Wyrm > Greater Dragon
posted by Link on Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:38 pm

This week's updates to Test Center:
New tameable creatures can now be found inhabiting Britannia,
  • Dragon Wolf – found guarding Level 6 treasure chests in all facets except Ter Mur
  • Frost Drake – found guarding Level 6 treasure chests
  • Frost Dragon – found guarding Level 7 treasure chests in Trammel or Felucca
  • Palamino Horse – found in the Second Age
  • Sabre-Toothed Tiger – found in the Valley of Eodon
  • Triceratops – found in the Valley of Eodon
  • Lion – found in the Valley of Eodon
  • Blood Fox – found in Ilshenar
  • Frost Mite – found in Tokuno
  • Ossein Ram – found in Deceit
Pet Training Updates
  • Necromage will no longer cast vengeful spirit.
  • All magical abilities will now train their appropriate related skills.
  • Chivalry ability now uses consecrate weapon, dispel evil, and enemy of one.
  • Fixed various issues with targeting related to area effects.
Animal Lore Gump Updates,
  • Creatures that cannot be trained no longer show potential slots.
  • Pet slot level will now be increased when a creature is first customized.
  • Pet taming requirements will increase as pets are customized and pet slot level increases.
  • Reduced weight of Schools of Magic so these abilities can now be added.
  • Samurais can no longer control customized lesser hiryu.
  • Necromancers can no longer control customized wolves.
  • Creatures that are currently mounted will no longer train.
  • Shadow Wyrm is no longer subjugated.
  • Venomous Bite mana cost increased from 20 to 50.
  • Hidden pets no longer remain hidden after a player issues a command.
  • Add additional information to training gump to indicated additional skill requirements.
  • Adjusted various caps and weights; check training gump info menu for latest values.
Increased the max trainable slots for several creatures including,
  • Direwolf: 4
  • Hell Hound: 4
  • Hellcat: 3
  • Imp: 4
Increased Mana cost for the following,
  • Breath of Poison: 50
  • Explosive Goo: 30
  • Kepetch
  • Tailswipe: 30
  • Life Leech: 5
  • Searing Hits: 25
  • Sticky Skin: 5
  • Healing: 15
Other Changes
  • Fixed issue where training progress percentage would not display correctly.
  • Chivalry can only be trained on pets with positive karma.
  • Adjusted stats on following creatures,
    • Dimestrosaur
    • Nightmare
    • Najasaurus
    • White Wyrm
  • Mob base damage per second capped based on slot level.
  • Fixed issue with raging breath damage type.
  • Added new option for the taming mastery ability “Combat Training” – As One, which allows pets to share damage while they are close to their master.
  • All creatures with Grandmaster and above wrestling now have a chance to parry.
Source - ... creatures/

More Room Opened Up for 20th Anniversary Town Hall
posted by Link on Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:23 pm

Greetings Everyone,

I am happy to announce we have increased the number of registrations we can accept, if you have not already done so please register today! There are a very limited number of spaces, so do not delay! Once we reach capacity you can once again register for the waitlist. If you need to cancel an existing registration or wish to inquire about your registration status please contact us immediately.

We have updated the event page with information about the room block at the Hyatt Regency Dulles.

Stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer to the event.

See (many) of you in September!

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong
Source - ... ty-update/

Tweeks to Mobile Posting - Let Me Know
posted by Link on Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:28 am

I just made a few tweaks to how the posting looks on mobile. Let me know if it is better or worse or you don't notice anything.

Publish 97 - New Updates on Test Center (pets do 50% damage to players)
posted by Link on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:43 pm

The following updates have arrived on Test Center:
Publish 97 Updates wrote:
  • Adjusted the training scheme for pets.  There is now a Guaranteed Gain system as well as a greater chance to gain at lower levels of progress.
  • Pet training will provide feedback messages to give an indication of how much training experience is being gained ranging from slightly, fairly to greatly.
  • Reduced pet training stamina cap from 300 to 150.
  • Added Bushido & Ninja AIs to pet training options.
  • Pets can no longer cast summon spells with Mysticism AI.
  • Added Necromancy & Magery AIs to pet training options.
  • Added real time progress bars for pet training.
  • There is now a confirmation gump when adding magical abilities that will remove existing magical abilities.
  • Pet training will now update the pet slot for the pet the first time they are upgraded.
  • Added additional validation to prevent AoE abilities from targeting friendlies.  This includes,
    • Conduit
    • Whirlwind
    • Hailstorm
    • Essence of Wind
    • Thunderstorm
    • Wildfire

  • Increased the cost of upgrading base damage per second.
  • All pet damage is now reduced by 50% when targeting players.
  • There is now a power hour for pet training that will initiate once per day beginning when pets first gain in training progress for that day.  This will increase the amount of training progress pets normally receive from a target.
  • The Najasaurus will now accept meat as a preferred food.
  • The Baby Tiger is now eligible for pet training.
  • Pets are now more responsive when issued commands such as “Kill” and “Follow.”
  • Resolved issue where creatures that utilized buff effects would have erroneous slot requirements.
  • Updated pet training progress percentages to be more precise.
  • There is now a warning gump when training a pet would increase the number of control slots it takes.
  • The Imprisoned Dog from Travesty can no longer be trained.
  • Pets will no longer gain in derived stats (HP, Mana, Stamina) with increases in Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity if they already above 125.
  • Increased the training cost of HP regen.
  • Consume damage now functions properly.
  • Skree AI has been updated.
Source - ... ublish-97/

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