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Post Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:06 am

Guys. I was scammed by "Fribble" from Atlantic.
I was going to purchase a blazed cu sidhe with gold, but he insisted irl due to his bill stacking up, and I fell for it.
My stupidity costed me some money, but oh well it will be my lesson learned.

Be wary of him, and avoid any irl trading at all cost.
Since the payment, he's deliberately dodging my contacts for last 4 days (discord and icq).

The specifics and screenshots of what happened will not be shared, but if this post is contested, I will post them.

His in-game toon is "Fribble"
His ICQ : McLovin 746917127
His discord : McLovin#0176

Apprently, he tried to sell other stuff on Ultima Online Discord server
Those are listed as below:

"selling clean bane dragon 30sdi demon slayer modded spellbook legendaries pheonix suit & iron serpents platemail suit and blaze cu chiv/ai trained 120"

"selling dread war horse trained and bane dragon trained both trained correctly 120d mm/ai dread and mm/ai/poisonbreathe bane good stuff"

I've also realized that when you search for his discord id on the discord ultima server, there's another scam on September 2019.

[anonymous] 2019.09.08.
Mclovin has scammed people! dont trust em!

took $280 for 3 plat, gave him 1 then logged out for a week and ignored em....he said he wasnt on but guildie has all the chat logs

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Post Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:38 pm

ur a fucking p.ussy

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