Stratics talk about "the list" of 2016 I'm wondering

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Post Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:29 am

i'm looking for the guys that was on "the list"
Where they removed from UO since this list was made?
Thank you

The Craftman
Lord Trollo (edit spelling)
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Post Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:06 pm

did a search it would seem some are playing:
Posted on stratics which suggest they're still playing as of these dates:
last posted:

Smoot Mar 5, 2019
Olcher Posted on hot guild recently and see him on stratics Feb 2019
Timberwolf Apr 10, 2019
Longtooths Feb 19, 2019
JC (the builder) Feb 6, 2016
Aran Feb 18, 2016
The Craftman can't find at all
Lord Trollo Apr 8, 2016 (removed posts)

updated question:
Timberwolf might be around
Longtooths might be around.
JC the builder we know is out.
Aran we know is out
The crafterman Unknown?
Lord Trollo is out

Smoot, Olcher and Timberwolf are likely still playing.

Anyone know what happened to the ones that are out "The crafterman" and Lord Trollo?

Thank you.

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