Selling 197 Month account $1000.00 Sold Thanks

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Post Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:19 am

Im selling another account this one is 197 months, it currently has 2 reward choices,
there is 1 shard shield for ever shard including 3 for atlantic, 26 shields in total. theres roughly 20 tokens for most every shard,
icq 674786798
There is one empty full soulstone and some soulstone fragments, fragments with skills are listed below.

Soulstone fragments
Healing 85.2
stealth 90.8
hiding 100
wrestling 113.3
inscription 100
spellweaving 92.6
Eval int 115
Magery 115

The characters listed are on atlantic, LS has a couple toons not fully trained, a partially trained miner etc. and a Toon named Dizzy with personal bless Deed
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