Selling 4 accounts perfer together 216,186,174 and 108

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Post Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:28 pm

216 (18 year) has 5 rewards ,17 sheilds, 10 soulstones and many frags. untrain dread - mage,disco tamer,fishing,t-hunter

186 (15 year) 5 rewards , 2 sheilds bunch of frags untrain dread - tamer,2 crafters on 2 dif shards with imbue and everything

174 (14) 8 rewards . 2 sheilds - mage and couple tamers

108 (9) 2 rewards just a tamer

each account has a house full of resources and stuff armor jewelry and junk

way way to much to list

rather just sell all together but will seperate

over 2 plat in money .crap all over on other shards like gifts and idoc stuff ,lots of turn in points on charcters

characters still have gear i havent sold anything but they are not all laid out either best armor piece is alky bracers non replica
and a couple clean legendaries

havent played much in last few years just keep paying every 3 months for no reason ready to sell

serious buyer ill get on the phone and describe more if you want

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Jennifer [HOT]
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Post Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:45 pm



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