210 mo Acct with shard shields / 158 mo side account

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KiMarhi Scrible
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Post Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:34 am

210 month acct, prepaid until Nov. 2018, 16*17 yew gate house with every resource you would ever need. GL, Baja, Chessy, LS & 3 ATL shard shields with lots of tokens for each. 300 mill in gold or so
95 resist
120 wrestle
120 focus
100 ninja
100 bowcrafting
120 throwing
120 mace
90 parry
90 fishing
120 SS
Empty 1 chg
100 necro
100 bushido
Empty 2 charge
100 resist
120 healing
90 herding
100 med
115 resist
90 poison
120 disco
100.1 myst
104.8 healing
100 arms lore
Empty 4 charge

120 Music, Peace, Provo, 60 real/100 added magery, gm cart, lp’ing, mining
Suit is all 70’s, 119hp/35 stam/194 mana 100 lrc, 2/4 casting 18 SDI, 40 lmc

120 anat, 120 fencing, 70 real / 120 useable stealth, 120 tactics, 100 Detect hide, 100 hiding, 90 healing
Suit is all 70’s 40 HDI/45DCI 43 LMC, 30 LRC, 115HP/210 Stam/96 Mana

120 Anat, Archery, Healing, Resist, Ninjitsu, Tactics, 15 chiv
Suit is all 70’s, 135 LRC, 20 SDI, max SSI and DI, 55 LMC, 45/45 HCI,DCI, 128 HP, 206 Stam, 113 Mana
The gorget on this suit alone has been offered over 1P

120 bushido, swords, 100 real/115 useable parry, 100 tactics, anat, necro, 80 chiv
All 70’s 50 lrc, 38 lmc, 40 HCI/45DCI 125 HP, 1989 Stam, 92 Mana

120 mage, med, eval ,resist, spellweaving, 100 scribe
Suit is maxed everything

120 taming, lore, music, peace, vet, 100 magery 20 focus
2470 luck/lrc suit

120 smith, tailor, imbue, 100 alchemy, carpentry, 90 tinkering, 30 real/75 useable magery
Suit is all 70’s lrc suit

Im figuring $50 per shield (7) $350.00, $1 for every month of age $210.00, and $150 for gold and items. So I would take $700.

I also have a 158 mo acct with 11 rewards left, prepaid until november, has fully suited Mage, Necro-mage, fisher/t-hunter, and a DS'er. has a decent yew gate house, all toons suited with good suits. i can give you more info on this acct if needed.

Both accts have characters across shards but all the mains are on ATL. I would want $400 for this account. when prepaid is up you pay one year and you have a shield account with lots of rewards to get shields.

buy them both I'll take $1000.00. Testing the waters as Im just not playing anymore, but they so not have to be sold so Im not in any hurry

ICQ 401961086

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