Selling two vetern accounts 18 year old but unsure when last used so could be less

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Post Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:54 pm

Hay all. I have 2 accounts that ive used actively since 2000, but I have not played for about 5 years now. A friend of mine took over my accounts for me. So Im not sure when they where last used. I had a huge house next to fellucca gate but it collapsed sometime around 2016 from no payment. I lost most of my stuff because of that so only stuff I got is in the banks. My main pvp character was Justy. I played mage and warrior MissJena. I also had my crafters. Its been a long time. I don't remeber everything. As of now I do not have pc, i lost my account information so I contacted customer support to prove i am the owner of both accounts. I have the passwords now so Im looking to sell. Anyone interested please give me a shout. My icq is 26368040.

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