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Post Sun Feb 02, 2014 6:32 pm

I decided to bite the bullet and put together an actual work and game station. The main reason being I want to start using a standing desk since it it is much healthier.

Today I have ordered 2 27" LED IPS Monitors which will become my main screens. I have 2 older 21" monitors which will be my secondary screens.

They will all be held together by this contraption also ordered today:
4 monitor mount.jpg
When they arrive I will have built some type of table desk. I will post some pictures.

After the desk is setup I will look into upgrading the computer. I am still using the Intel 2500k from 2-3 years ago but it is still plenty good compared to the incremental updates Intel has put out over the last 2 years. The thing needing updating the most will be the graphics card, a trusty GTX460. March is supposed to be the best time of year for graphics cards deals. The plan is to buy a GTX 760 or 770 and use the GTX 460 for the secondary monitors.

When all is said and done I should be a lot more productive and/or unproductive depending on how you look at it.
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Post Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:02 pm

awesome man

the 770 is one of the best cards for the price that Nvidia has ever made. Highly recommend it for your gaming/physx
760 is of course great, but spend the extra.. especially for multi monitor displays
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