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Crunch [EVO]
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Post Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:12 pm

newer i5
12 GB DDR3 (no pagefile)
9800 GTX

35ms to ATL without much wavering - little to no packet loss

Things tried:

Stump hack (Hz demise client art files)
Gaming proxy
UOS tile fields
CE / FPS (individually and combined - tested both ways)

Certain players are faster than I am (can run right past me), despite living overseas or no closer to the server than me. I don't have issues in other games. I have been told by an opposing guild that I'm easy to catch. Most of the issue arises when there are other players on screen.

Also the despise island I can't even play on anymore when there are a bunch of people. The game is literally at 1 FPS when this happens while some players are seemingly unaffected.

What am I missing???? Are there some client settings that may make a difference like house caching or anything?

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Post Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:29 pm

please confirm do you mean 9800 or do you mean 980?

Big difference in graphics card there.

UO can run on a toaster of a PC though. Do you have frame skipping enabled in UO options / use -releasemem in UOA?

PM me or ICQ 279035506 if you want and I can provide some more ideas.

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